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Electric Wheel Chairs, Motorized Scooters, Cargo Carrier & Walkers 

One-Time $ 50.00 Delivery/Pick-up
1st 10 Miles Free; $ 1.50 per Mile Over 10 Miles

Electric Wheel Chairs

$ 35.00/Day,

$ 150.00/Week 

Cargo Carrier

  $ 25.00 Add-On  


$ 25.00/Week

Motorized Scooters 

$ 45.00/Day,

$ 175.00/Week

CTC Offers Short or Long-term Medical Equipment Rentals.
You don’t have to invest in expensive medical equipment, when all you need is a short-term daily or weekly Rental. If your needs are daily, weekly or monthly, CTC is happy to take care of your request. 

Wheel Chairs

$ 15.00/Day, $ 100.00/Week